What does "Cancelled - No Client Response" mean?

What does "Cancelled - No Client Response" mean?

If a customer fails to finish the process on the Customer Portal within 8 days after submitting a reprice request, Sherlok will move the reprice to the Lender Response Tab. See below. 

You can archive this request by clicking 'Preview and send email'. Click here for more details. 

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    • Why was my client’s reprice cancelled?

      When a reprice is cancelled, it either means that the loan was cancelled by yourself, or it was cancelled by Sherlok.  If it was cancelled by Sherlok, you can find the reason in the comments section as shown below.
    • How do I move Lender Reprice Responses to completed?

      If you do not wish to send the client an email once the reprice has been completed, Click Send Email > Select your email template > Move to Completed. (See Below)
    • How can I change the type of response email after a reprice?

      Brokers have the option to decide which email they want to send their clients. The two emails after the repricing are the included comparisons and excluded comparisons. To switch between the two, click Preview and Send email > Include / Exclude ...
    • Can I disable a client from Sherlok?

      Sherlok does have the option of disabling clients. Sherlok will not queue up clients that are disabled. You can disable a client by searching them in the Clients menu > Status > Enable / Disabled. See below.
    • How can I resend the Client Portal link to my Client

      Resending the Client Portal Invitation link is a great option if clients:  Experiencing an issue with the portal Have changed their email address Can't find the initial email Step 1: Cancel the Reprice Brokers can cancel a reprice at any time. To do ...