How does Sherlok calculate LVR?

How does Sherlok calculate LVR?

Sherlok has internal algorithms to calculate the security property's value.
Matching that with the updated Owing Amount after the updated data has been collected gives us a good indication of the current LVR. 

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    • What does (Est) mean?

      Est stands for estimation. Sherlok has specific algorithms to calculate certain figures that may vary from the time of settlement, like Property Value, LVR and Current Rate.
    • Can Sherlok update my CRM?

      We need a two-way integration between Sherlok and your CRM to be able to update your CRM data.  We’re enthusiastically trying to work with all of the other aggregators to get this set up too - it’s a work in progress, but if you want to give your ...
    • How to edit customer email in Sherlok?

      To update a client's email address in Sherlok, please follow these steps: Access the broker's portal in Sherlok. Locate and select the Clients Menu. Search for the specific client whose email address you want to edit via the search field. In the ...
    • How does Sherlok know if a loan has been discharged?

      Sherlok relies on the Discharge/Inactive status from Flex. Our development team is currently working on a solution that will mark a loan as discharged if the commission has not been paid for two consecutive months. This fix is in progress.
    • There is a discrepancy between my actual trail book size and the total shown on the Sherlok dashboard

      Sherlok aims to import 95% of your loans to the platform. If the difference is more than 5%, please contact for assistance. Sherlok is unable to import commercial loans or loans submitted through paper applications