How can I check the status of a reprice?

How can I check the status of a reprice?

You can view what Sherlok is waiting on in the left-hand column "Sherlok Waiting On" 

This will outline whether Sherlok is waiting on the Client or the Lender

Sherlok is waiting on the Client: 

If Sherlok is waiting on the Client, it means the Client has yet to consent to Open Banking or confirm Sherlok's loan details through the Customer Portal. Depending on the lender, Sherlok may also need a third-party authority form signed by the Client. Sherlok will also say it's waiting on the Client in this case. 

Sherlok is waiting on the Lender: 

If Sherlok is waiting on the lender, it means Sherlok has gathered all the necessary information to reprice and has submitted it to the lender and awaiting a response. In some cases, the lender may email you the final result. If this is the case, please forward it to

You can view more detail on the status of the reprice in the comment section. See below. 

Some lenders can take up to 10 business days to respond. If the reprice has been submitted to the lender, you can get a status update by calling the lender directly. 

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    • Can I schedule a future reprice?

      Brokers have the option to set a future reprice date for the client. To do this, search the client in the client's menu and click the cog icon in the Actions menu on the right-hand side. See below.
    • How do I restart a reprice? (From In Progress and Require Action tab)

      In order to restart a loan for repricing you must first ensure that the loan is in the completed tab and manually trigger Sherlok to reprice. If the pricing request you wish to restart is sitting in "In Progress", click the orange cross button, ...
    • Can Sherlok reprice orphan book clients?

      Sherlok may be able to reprice Orphan book loans based on the lender's policy. Refer to the list below to identify lenders that reprice orphan book loans: ANZ Commonwealth Bank NAB Westpac Macquarie ING AFG AMP Suncorp ME Bank Bank of Melbourne St. ...
    • Sherlok's Pre-Reprice Email Reminder Schedule

      Once a broker approves a reprice, if the client has not consented to Open Banking in the last 12 months, Sherlok will send a Client Portal Pre-Reprice Data Collection email within one minute of approval. Sherlok will continue to send the client ...
    • Why was my client’s reprice cancelled?

      When a reprice is cancelled, it either means that the loan was cancelled by yourself, or it was cancelled by Sherlok.  If it was cancelled by Sherlok, you can find the reason in the comments section as shown below.