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    • Popular Articles

    • Auto Email Forwarding for Outlook

      When Sherlok reprices a loan, many lenders will email the pricing result to the broker, who then needs to forward it back to Sherlok. Brokers can automate this process on their end by setting up email forwarding rules. It's easy and will only take 5 ...
    • New Update: Single Click repricing flow live for NAB home loans (September 2023)

      We're thrilled to deploy our single click repricing for NAB home loans. Single click repricing is now available for NAB, CBA, BankWest, and Macquarie loans. Please note that we are not in partnership with these lenders which means you’ll get 100% ...
    • Aggregator Onboarding Matrix

      The provided information explains how brokers can pull their data into Sherlok when they sign up, with different steps required depending on their aggregator. It outlines the specific methods used for each aggregator to integrate their data with ...
    • How long does a reprice take?

      In most cases, once you click ‘approve’ for repricing, you will see an outcome within a few days, however, some lenders can take up to 10 business days.
    • Can Sherlok update my CRM?

      We need a two-way integration between Sherlok and your CRM to be able to update your CRM data.  We’re enthusiastically trying to work with all of the other aggregators to get this set up too - it’s a work in progress, but if you want to give your ...