Where can I update my CRM details?

Where can I update my CRM details?

You can update CRM details by clicking the Broker Name in the top right-hand corner > Third-Party Credentials. See Below.

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    • Can Sherlok update my CRM?

      We need a two-way integration between Sherlok and your CRM to be able to update your CRM data.  We’re enthusiastically trying to work with all of the other aggregators to get this set up too - it’s a work in progress, but if you want to give your ...
    • If I add clients from a previous aggregator to my current CRM, will Sherlok be able to import it?

      No, Sherlok needs to match the basic details found in the CRM with data accessed on the original commission report.
    • If i've refixed a loan, can I update Sherlok?

      Yes, brokers can edit all basic loan details. To do this, click the client's name > navigate the section you wish to edit> click the Icon. See below
    • Why are some of my clients missing?

      Sherlok may not be able to match 100% of your loan book. This is usually due to these four reasons: You have a purchased loan book - Depending on your aggregator, Sherlok may not be able to import orphan clients. You have switched aggregators - ...
    • How to edit customer email in Sherlok?

      To update a client's email address in Sherlok, please follow these steps: Access the broker's portal in Sherlok. Locate and select the Clients Menu. Search for the specific client whose email address you want to edit via the search field. In the ...