What email address does Sherlok Send from?

What email address does Sherlok Send from?

Sherlok’s stock email sender domain is hello@sherlok.com.au. This means that when the client views this, it will display as the broker name in the icon bubble, If the broker's name is clicked, hello@sherlok.com.au will be displayed.

Sherlok gives brokers the ability to configure their own email addresses through SMTP. Filling out this information allows Sherlok to send through your email address. To enter this information, click the broker name in the top right-hand corner > Control Panel > Email Send Configuration. See below.

If you do not have access to your SMTP values, click here to access our step-by-step direction guides.

If clients reply to this email, they will respond to hello@sherlok.com.au. In which case, this will get forwarded to you.
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