New Update: Single Click repricing flow live for NAB home loans (September 2023)

New Update: Single Click repricing flow live for NAB home loans (September 2023)

We're thrilled to deploy our single click repricing for NAB home loans. Single click repricing is now available for NAB, CBA, BankWest, and Macquarie loans. 

Please note that we are not in partnership with these lenders which means you’ll get 100% non-conflicted repricing outcomes in the best interest of your client.

What does this mean?

You can genuinely single click reprice your client with these lenders with no need for our standard data collection process to update the client's loan info.

Our latest update brings lightning-speed repricing for NAB loans with minimal input from the broker. With a single click, Sherlok will submit, escalate and apply the reprice, making the broker the hero.

What does the broker have to do?

After you click approve to reprice a client, you will be presented with the below pop-up up and all you have to do is click ‘Submit’ which will start the repricing process. From there Sherlok will do the rest.

Please keep in mind that this update will be gradually rolled out to brokers, 20 at a time, so it might take a bit of time before it's available to you. But trust us, it's worth the wait!

What about all the other lenders?
It's business as usual for all the other lenders which means that when you approve a reprice to be processed you’ll get the below pop-up to choose your data collection method.

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