How many reprices can i submit during a trial?

How many reprices can i submit during a trial?

During the Sherlok trial, brokers receive a credit of 10 reprices. This allows them to enhance their understanding of Sherlok's functionality while achieving excellent reprice results.

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    • How often does Sherlok Queue reprices?

      Every Friday evening is when Sherlok will queue some new reprices for you, so by Monday, you should have some fresh Reprices to approve.
    • Sherlok's Data Collection Methods

      When you approve Sherlok to reprice, a pop-up will appear, presenting the options that Sherlok can take to collect the data. Option 1 - Client Portal Sherlok will send your clients an SMS and email asking them to provide updated loan information via ...
    • How do I get Sherlok to reprice a specific client?

      To reprice specific clients on Sherlok, follow these steps: Go to the "Client" section in the navigation menu. Use the search function to find the desired client by either their name or loan number. If the client has multiple loans, you can filter ...
    • How do I restart a reprice? (From In Progress and Require Action tab)

      In order to restart a loan for repricing you must first ensure that the loan is in the completed tab and manually trigger Sherlok to reprice. If the pricing request you wish to restart is sitting in "In Progress", click the orange cross button, ...
    • How can I change the type of response email after a reprice?

      Brokers have the option to decide which email they want to send their clients. The two emails after the repricing are the included comparisons and excluded comparisons. To switch between the two, click Preview and Send email > Include / Exclude ...