Can Sherlok create more refinance leads?

Can Sherlok create more refinance leads?

You may increase or decrease the amount of refinance leads Sherlok can create.

To do this, click the Broker name (in the right-hand corner) > Control Panel > Maximum refinance leads.

See Below

When increasing the amount of refinance leads, Sherlok will tailor approximately 10x the amount of reprice requests to get this. (For example, 4 refinance leads = 40 reprice requests)

We are currently queueing reprices each week. Hence of the 40 reprice requests per month, Sherlok will queue approximately 10 reprice requests per week.

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    • How does Sherlok get brokers refinance leads ?

      Post repricing process, Sherlok analyses the market and identifies different lenders that offer a product that fits your client's loan profile, saving your client more money.
    • What does the number beside the Refinance Leads represent?

      The figure beside the Refinance Leads in the sidebar represents the number of new Leads. If there is no figure besides the Refinance Leads then there aren't any new leads at this point in time.
    • How do I resend a Refinance Comparisons email?

      The best way to do this depends on their status in the Refinance Leads section. If they are a Prospect, you can click the email button in the far right-hand corner. See Below.  If the client is a lead, go to the Reprices > Completed > View Email. See ...
    • Can I alter the lenders that are displayed for refinance comparisons?

      If you do not like working with certain lenders, you can turn them off in the Lender Selection module. Click Broker Name (in the right-hand corner) > Control Panel > Lender Selection. See Below. ​
    • Why can't I send an included comparisons email?

      After repricing a client, Sherlok will sweep all products that fit the client's loan profile. If Sherlok has calculated that these products will save the client more than $1,000, you will have the option of sending an email with comparisons. If ...